23 Objects Found on the Road in Limpopo

Photographs, field recordings (2017)

While making field recordings in Limpopo, South Africa, I would walk through the bushveld, picking up objects that caught my eye. They were discarded things, things emptied out, or exposed when their previous owner left or passed away. I carried them with me, souvenirs of experiences belonging to others long passed, until they were too heavy to fit in my suitcase. I lined them up on the wall outside the stucco house, enumerating them one-by-one, listening to each one closely. When I left they were still there, lined up on the wall. I brought with me only the sounds they made as I handled them, as if I could recall their memories by listening.

23 Objects Found on the Road in Limpopo (2017)
Special thanks to Craig Clemow & Amy Khoshbin