Lost in the Veld

Lost in the Veld (2014)
Processed field recordings

Composed for the Sonic Mmabolela Residency/Workshop 2013 Compilation.  Sonic Mmabolela Residency/Workshop is conceived by Francisco Lopez and organized by Francisco Lopez and James Webb.

This piece was composed entirely by processing a portion of a single field recording.  The recording was made in the bushveld of the Limpopo region of South Africa.  During the length of the recording (about an hour), the artist wandered out in to the bushveld and became miserably lost.  The experience was heavily emotional and transformative.  I have tried to re-capture these emotions by transforming the original recording into a similarly disorienting auditory experience.

This piece has been collected along with other wonderful pieces from the artists on the residency in the Sonic Mmabolela 2013 compilation album on the Free Music Archive.