Outis (2009)
Webcam, custom software, custom controllers

Outis is a audio-visual performance in which the video signal controls the sound.  A live camera is used as an input signal.  Moving the camera position and manipulating the video stream have a requisite affect on the sound output.  In this way, the video behaves like a musical score.  

The piece gets its name from the Greek word for "nobody," a reference to the story of Polyphemus, a cyclops, who is blinded by Odysseus as he escapes captivity by the giant, one-eyed being.  Outis is based on a loose narrative about an ancient artificial intelligence system that hallucinates being surrounded by enemies.

AC Institute (2016)

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The Tank NYC (2009)
w/ Amy Khoshbin & Joe Mariglio

The Tank NYC (2009)
Outis + Video Flute (Tim Szetela)

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Vincent Collins' "200" (1975) mashup

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