Abattoir Projects Series

Sound Art and Performance (2012)

Mission Statement

Abattoir Projects is a curatorial initiative whose goal is to provide a platform for hybrid and difficult-to-classify artists to contextualize their own work.  Using a model that is itself a hybrid — part archivist, part promoter, part publisher — Abattoir Projects seeks to fund and produce documentation of these artists' work in order to preserve their intentions while their practices and ideas are still new.

Open Piano

A performance showcasing works of hybrid practice involving the piano. The word “open” refers not only to the position of the lid of the piano, exposing the soundboard, strings and other internal parts of the piano , but also to the notion that the Idea of the instrument is available to us to modify in order to create new and unique instruments. This modification is more than just instrumentation, it is a new aspect of composition–it no longer suffices to merely record the notes one plays in one’s score. Rather, the composer must document the creation of a new, hybrid instrument as well as teach the audience how it is played. 

Press Release: Open Piano — Jan 7, 2012


Eleonor Sandresky
JP Schlegelmilch & Michael Clemow (Waver)


HARDWARE showcases artists whose practice involves the re-contextualization of electronic devices in ways that subvert cultural expectations.

Press Release: HARDWARE — Feb 14, 2012


Casper Electronics
Crudlabs Sound System


CODE highlights performing artists whose work involves programming computers. From austere, textural compositions to tightly coupled audio visual experiences.

Press Release: CODE — Apr 16, 2012

Roddy Schrock
Wolfgang Gil
Michael Clemow & Rui Pereira
Jackson Moore