Artist / Composer

Current Projects (2016)

Current Projects

Referendum / Changeling Child  (2016)

Referendum / Changeling Child (2016)

BSMT Residency at Mana Contemporary

I am in residence at Mana BSMT at Mana Contemporary in Jersey City.  Please join us for the BSMT Nights, December 17th, from 5pm onward.  It's a huge party and it's free with RSVP!

New Works

At Mana BSMT I am making a series of new sound and installation works drawing from recent experiences making field recordings in Scotland, South Africa, and Palestine.

On This Land

I am working as Sound Designer with MTL Collective on a creative documentary about the Palestinian struggle. The film is called On This Land.

Radio Free Gowanus

Radio Free Gowanus is a pop-up, pirate radio station broadcasting during the Gowanus Open Studios, every October. RFG's activities include an occasional podcast, curating sound-art performances, and celebrating free speech.

Acoustic Infrastructure

As Sound Art Associate at Eyebeam in 2016, I have been involved in the production of a temporary, public sound art project, Acoustic Infrastructure, curated by Jamie Allen in partnership with Dias in Denmark. Jamie and the Continent. editorial team have put together an special issue about the project.  I have written a short blog post on the Eyebeam site called Raising the Alarm about the experience.