Artist / Composer

Technical Rider

Technical Rider

Stage Plot

Equipment onstage

  • 1 performer [electronics] (Mixer out Stereo LR -> 2xDI -> Board)
  • Small table (about 2x6ft or 0.6x1.2m)
  • 1 vocal mic: Shure SM58 (direct to board, just for speaking)
  • 1 mic boom stand
  • 1 onstage monitor wedge

If the venue is unable to provide any of the equipment above, please contact me, Mike Clemow (, so I can coordinate other arrangements.

Frontline and PA System

I have a strong preference for a stereo PA with a subwoofer channel, however, I understand it's not feasible in every venue.  I would like very much to understand the following things about your system:

  • Is the PA stereo or mono?
  • Is there a subwoofer?
    • If so, what is the crossover frequency?
  • How long and what time is the soundcheck?
  • Will the venue be providing an engineer?

Sound Clips

Contact Information

Michael Clemow
99-A 3rd St. Apt 1 
Brooklyn, NY 11231

Mobile: +1 646-784-4298


Skype: mclemow


** Thanks so much for all your help!  I really appreciate it. **